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By using United Outsource Partners to locate the ” best fit ” PEO (Professional Employer Organization) for your company you make your time count. We offer FREE assistance in locating the most qualified PEO for your individual company needs. Our organization will perform a comprehensive needs-analysis of your business, sifting through the proverbial square pegs, presenting you with the program(s) that truly fit your needs…saving time and money, two of a businesses most valuable commodity’s.


Through our relationship with our client companies they realize the benefit of being able to focus on their core business and revenue generating activity. United has assembled a nationwide network of PEO Partners and Broker Representatives, earning a distinguished reputation as a industry leader by its clients and peers.



•  Choice of Health care plans (HMO, PPO, POS, HRA etc)
•  Medical & Dependant flexible spending accounts
•  Dental, Vision, Prescription
•  Supplemental Benefits
•  Section 125 Cafeteria plan
•  COBRA and HIPPA compliance
•  Short & Long term disability
•  401(k) and SIMPLE plans


•  Create custom employee handbooks
•  Developing and managing HR forms
•  Support and maintain personnel files
•  Provide legally required labor postings
•  Compliance assistance with FMLA
•  Compliance with Immigration laws
•  Compliance assistance with Title VII.


•  Payroll Checks
•  W-2s, W-3s, 940 Reports
•  Direct Deposit
•  Audits and Filings
•  Job Costing
•  Certified Payroll Reports
•  FICA, FUTA, SUTA Payments
•  Debit Cards.

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•  Eliminate workers’ compensation down payments
•  Eliminate workers’ compensation Audits and Audit premiums
•  Assist in OSHA compliance and inspections
•  Safety inspections
•  Claims management and processing
•  Coordinate a return to work program.

Clients Testimonials

We absolutely love the staff at United Outsource, very friendly, and always there when we need them."





The United Outsource website will be undergoing maintenance.


The United Outsource website will be undergoing maintenance.

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