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For 21 years United Outsource Partners has been helping small businesses grow their bottom line, by aligning them with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). PEO’s provide back office, Human Resource, support to better help you focus on your core business and carry out your companies Vision. United Outsource Partners simplifies the process of finding the best fit PEO for your company, therefore, allowing you to increase revenue by focusing on your business. Utilize our PEO Broker services’ 21 years’ experience, to pinpoint a top PEO partner for your company.

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6 Reasons to Partner with United Outsource



With over 900 PEO’s across the county, finding a PEO could not be easier; finding the right PEO for your company can prove to be a bit more challenging. Save time and energy; simplify your search for your Professional Employer Organization.  Get back to growing your business and let United Outsource Partners put its expertise to work for you.


How does Free sound? There is never a cost associated with our service; United Outsource is compensated by the PEO in the same manner as internal salespeople. United Outsource will provide you with both service and financial comparisons on our recommendations. Outsourcing your back office to a PEO is smart; using United Outsource, is smarter, and its Free! 


While some brokers may tout the large quantity of PEO’s they quote, our 21 years of experience have taught us, it’s all in the Quality of our partnerships.  United Outsource has chosen to represent only a select group of high quality PEO’s and get to know them intimately. With our reputation on the line, we know our partners and they know us.



Whether you are new to PEO or looking for a better solution; we simplify the process. United represents you, the client. We sift through the square pegs and provide Solutions matching your company’s needs. Eliminate the frustration of dealing with multiple salespeople; we provide options. Use our 21 years’ experience to find your best fit PEO.


United Outsource Partners takes an unbiased approach to selecting the right PEO partner for your company. As Independent Agents to the Top PEO’s in the country, we have choices, not sales quotas.  Let United Outsource Partners represent you with options that fit your company’s needs. Focus on your Business and let us provide the solution.


Over the past 21 years we have developed relationships focused on specialized risk. Our partners provide workers compensation and risk management solutions for clients with heightened exposure, such as: High EMR, Roofing, Staffing, USL&H, Transportation and Construction.  If you’ve had difficulty finding a solution for your company, give us a call today.



That’s What We Do!

For 21 years, United Outsource Partners has helped small business get back to what is important; Growing their business. See why hundreds of small and mid-sized companies have trusted United Outsource Partners to negotiate the best-in-class PEO to meet their individual needs.  Focus on your Core Business, Increase Revenue and Grow Your Bottom Line.

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