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Brian Wilson

United Outsource Partners, Inc.

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In 1998 we envisioned a service to provide our clients a more suitable and efficient way to select a Top PEO (Professional Employer Organization). Having been employed by the nation’s largest PEO, Stacey Jackson and Brian Wilson conceived an alternate way to deliver a Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) provider. This relationship provided our clients with a stronger partnership to support their business.

Stacey and Brian partnered with the Top Professional Employer Organizations nationwide, emulating traditional “Independent’’ Insurance Agents and Brokers, where agents represent several diverse insurance providers and markets to their clients. In 1999, United Outsource Partners, Inc. was born and the PEO Broker concept took off; not surprisingly so. With over 900 PEO’s nationwide, clients were hungry for a way to sift through the many diverse PEO providers to find the best fit and value. Stacey and Brian took their extensive knowledge of the HRO and PEO market and demonstrated how United Outsource Partners could ease the burden of shopping and comparing PEO’s off of their client’s plate.

Our objective has always been to represent our client’s best interest with a transparent, non-biased approach; selecting only programs that suit the needs of our clients, not the PEO’s. 

“PEO’s relieve companies of non-revenue generating activity, allowing clients to focus on growing their core business; Using United Outsource Partners saves you the time and energy of getting there.”

From Industry Pioneer to Industry Leader. Nearly 20 years later, many of our original clients remain today.

We appreciate your taking the time to read our story, now tell us yours.

Brian Wilson & Stacey Jackson

Stacey Jackson

United Outsource Partners, Inc.


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