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Navigating the increasing, and ever changing, world of Governmental Compliance can take its toll on a small business. Most small to mid-sized companies find it difficult and time consuming to stay apprised of state and federal laws affecting their business. Many find this only becomes more complex as they grow; therefore making growth more difficult. To emphasize this even further; COVID-19, quickly brought new payroll reporting rules associated with layoffs, furloughs, and PPP loans, just to name a few. HR professionals nationwide had to quickly understand these new rules and reporting requirements, which were quickly disseminated with little or no guidance. Unfortunatly, most small companies cannot afford to hire a human resource professional.

In contrast, almost all PEO’s provide access to human resource professionals as part of their service to their clients. Through this service, PEO’s help their clients comply with the ever-changing federal, state and local employment laws. PEO clients find, by alleviating these non-revenue generating activities, they can better focus on their core business and revenue generation.  The PEO’s HR professionals make it their job to stay abreast of governmental changes impacting their clients business. Certified HR professionals are only a phone call away; helping to guide clients on everything from proper hiring to exit interviews.

Consider the following when looking for a PEO, as services vary from one PEO to the next:

  • Is your company considered a White, Blue or Grey collar business?
  • Has your company had lawsuits for Harassment, Discrimination, or wrongful Termination?
  • What kind of HR support do you require?
  • Do you operate in more than one state?
  • Do you want or need Recruiting?
  • Do you prefer size over personal service?
  • How important is a PEO with a local presence?
  • Do you currently carry EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance)?

For more information on finding the right PEO for your company:

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